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Hey Baby 4D in Southend is a boutique private ultrasound clinic based in the heart of Southend-on-Sea

Our scans are only ever performed by qualified and highly experienced Sonographers, so whilst we will always endeavor to make your visit an enjoyable one, the health and wellbeing of our customers and their babies will always be our top priority. With extended appointment times and our exclusive gender reveal lighting, Hey Baby 4D provides you with a professional and relaxed environment in which to bond with your unborn baby. We love sharing this magical moment with our customers and invite you to bring the family along to join in, we have room for up to 6 guests!

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From 6-24 weeks

15 minute appointment to provide peace of mind from as early as 6 weeks, throughout your pregnancy. Includes prints & wellbeing form.

From 16 weeks

15 minute appointment to determine baby's gender with our exclusive gender reveal lighting. Includes FREE 4D preview and wellbeing form.

From 24-34 weeks

20 minute VIP experience. Meet baby in real-time 4D video! Includes wellbeing form, optional gender confirmation, prints & downloads of all images & video!

From 16-38 weeks

15 minute bonding scan to provide reassurance during your pregnancy. You'll hear baby's heart beating and get a FREE 4D preview!* Includes A 2D print & wellbeing form.

From 10 weeks

Available from 10 weeks, this simple blood test identifies conditions such as Down’s, Edward’s and Patau’s Syndromes, as well as telling you the gender of your baby.

Book online or call us today and one of our team will be happy to help you

Ultimate Baby Scan Package - £130

From 16 weeks

Package includes two scans spread across two dates - Gender Scan & VIP 4D Baby Scan - for the ultimate bonding experience throughout pregnancy. The perfect baby shower or birthday gift for Mum-to-be! (Scan appointments taken separately).

Additional Extras

Worried you’ll miss something? Don’t worry! You can watch your entire scan again and again with our video downloads (ask at reception for details). We have a variety of mementos for you to take home with you, too! Simply add them to your booking before you check out.

All scanning packages begin with our wellbeing check and offer optional gender confirmation in traditional black and white 2D. The ultrasound scanner will then be switched into 4D mode, transforming your baby’s image and showing incredible detail. Watch in fascination as your baby sucks their thumb or rubs their eyes, wiggling around in the womb. You’ll see all of their tiny fingers and toes, and you might even be able to tell whose nose baby has. Our vision is to provide the expectant parents of Southend-on-Sea and the surrounding areas with a premium choice. This is a professional, relaxed and enjoyable environment to meet and bond with your unborn baby(ies!). We look forward to meeting you and your baby soon!

If you're unsure of anything at all, please feel free to ask our friendly team